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Cocoapro®, a process developed and patented by Mars, Incorporated scientists, helps to preserve the cocoa flavanols that occur naturally and abundantly in cocoa beans. The Cocoapro® process begins from the moment the beans are harvested and continues through every step of the process from fresh beans to finished product.

In the typical processes for making cocoa or chocolate, the flavanols are easily destroyed by time, temperature and moisture. Though processing of cocoa beans into cocoa products can and often does destroy the flavanols in cocoa, it is important to recognize that the destruction of flavanols begins from the time that the cocoa beans are harvested. Mars’ Cocoapro® process is different. This patented process centers around a gentler, less harsh way of handling and processing cocoa beans from the time they are harvested through the time that they are made into finished products so that all products made using this Cocoapro® process deliver more of the flavanols found naturally in cocoa. Learn more...

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